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Florabact - Gut Restore

Florabact - Gut Restore

  • £29.50

Florabact strengthens your natural gut flora. The unique combination of eight highly concentrated bacteria strains, vitamins, and minerals naturally supports your digestion.

✔︎ Natural intestinal treatment

✔︎ Supports normal function of the intestinal mucosa

✔︎ Repopulates intestinal villi

✔︎ Supports healthy digestive function

✔︎ Free from artificial additives

The 30-day plan to strengthen your gut flora More and more people are suffering from indigestion, constipation, bloating, gas and other digestive complaints. Our gut is one of the most important organs for our immune system and our wellbeing. There can be many reasons that cause digestive discomfort and they are not always due to dietary choices, and are often a combination of various factors. But in most cases, the bacterial flora in our gut is thrown out of balance. The highly concentrated mixture of eight different bacteria strains, vitamins, and minerals in Florabact can help to rebalance the intestinal flora. Free from any chemical substances, and with 100 % natural ingredients, Florabact pre- and probiotic gut restore is safe, effective and long-lasting.

✔︎ Suitable for vegetarians and vegans - gluten and dairy free.

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