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Gokshura - 60 250mg Vegi Caps

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Gokshura is a prostate herb, which reduces many urinary discomforts and prostate problems by cleansing and tonifing the lower abdominal organs (i.e. urinary bladder, prostate etc.)

Gokshura helps the flow of urine by cooling and soothing the membranes of the urinary tract. It also has aphrodisiac properties. This herb is known to increase the quantity of semen and is useful in diseases of the genitourinary tract.

Sanskrit: Gokshura

Gokshura contains aphrodisiac properties:

  • Helps alleviate urogenital ailments, including kidney stones, cystitis (bladder infection) and other infections
  • Promotes urinary tract health
  • Gokshura helps infertility and impotence
  • This herb is also very beneficial for diabetes
  • Increases the quantity of semen and helps relieve migranes
  • Useful in calculus infections, urinary discharges
  • t also helps gout, kidney diseases and can be used as a muscle relaxant

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