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Guggulu - 60 Caps 250mg Vegi Caps

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Guggulu is one of the oldest and most famous herbs in ayurvedic medicine. Guggulu possesses strong purifying and rejuvenating powers. Guggulu is one of the most powerful cholesterol-lowering agents known for weight control and body fat reduction. This works by helping remove fat and excess fluids from around the body and penetrates deep into the tissues.
Guggulu is a purifying and rejuvenating compound, which is traditionally used to treat inflammatory conditions, such as osteoporosis, bone density, arthritis, rheumatism and gout.

Sanskrit: Guggulu

Main Indications:

  • Guggulu can promote healthy cholesterol levels (already within the normal range)
  • Guggulu is traditionally used in Ayurveda in the treatment of Rhematic disorders
  • Weight management

Other Indications:

  • Used as a remedy for sore throat
  • Guggulu helps soothe and cool the soft tissues, joints, and digestive system
  • Supports and improves digestion and beneficial for haemorrhoids
  • Guggulu is a general tonic to the eyes, hair and nervous system
  • Helps many conditions like herpes and inflammation of the intestines
  • A powerful anti-oxidant and stimulates the immune system's white blood cells

Also used for a wide range of problems related to toxins e.g. skin problems, genito-urinary disorders, menstrual disorders, digestive disturbances

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