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About us

The Founder

Mahesh the founder of Ohm Healthcare, was both a lecturer in Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Nutrition at the University of Middlesex and the College of Ayurveda, and an experienced practitioner.

In 1998 Mahesh, searching for a total health solution, discovered Ayurveda, a logical, scientific, holistic healing system. Impressed with his findings, although this meant a career step-change - at that time he was running several Hi-Tech companies - he began a seven year journey of formal study. To balance the theory he spent extended periods in India, working with Ayurveda at cancer hospitals and panca karma clinics. 

Ohm Healthcare

Ohm Healthcare has now been handed over to a trusted friend and colleauge, Gaura Narayan by Mahesh himself. Gaura now manages Ohm Healthcare making sure a holistic healing system, such as Ayurveda, relies on quality products. Just like Mahesh did, Gaura spends much of his time seeking out Ayurveda professionals and the products they recommend.

Ohm Healthcare is the result of all this research. A repository of products and professionals, continually updated and managed by Gaura.

On this web site, this wealth of practical information is now available to you.