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Volume & Bounce - Greasy Hair (ADS)

Volume & Bounce - Greasy Hair (ADS)

  • £3.95

Anti-dandruff Shampoo- Volume & Bounce

Flat / Greasy Hair

Breakthrough Herbal Anti-Dandruff Formula

With a special blend of Tea Tree oil and other effective, natural anti-dandruff agents, our breakthrough Anti-Dandruff Shampoo effectively attacks the root cause of dandruff while being gentle on your hair and scalp. Regular use helps visibly reduce flakes, itching and hair fall, preventing dandruff from coming back.

An effective cleanser specially formulated to provide body, volume and bounce to flat or greasy hair. A unique blend of herbs work together to control dandruff and add life to your hair.

Key Ingredients Include...
  • Tea Tree oil: Natural anti-dandruff agent.
  • Holy Basil: Effective anti-dandruff and anti-microbial action.
  • Soap berry: Adds volume and bounce.

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